Our Approach

Shared Growth

Based on the value of shared growth that states 'we can go farther when we go together', Samsung SDI has established not just a partnership but a companionship with its partner companies. By operating shared growth programs, SDI aims to assist partner companies in securing competitiveness across various areas, such as education, technology, and finance. Likewise, by fulfilling social responsibility related to the supply chain, SDI plans to support the sustainable management of partner companies to realize shared growth potential.

Key strategies of Samsung SDI
  • Reinforced regulations, fair trade and subcontract laws
  • Increased possibility of exposure to economic, social, environmental risks from inadequate supply chain management
  • Securing the company's product competitiveness by enhancing partner companies' competitiveness
  • Improvement of company reputation and value through fulfillment of the company's social responsibility through shared growth activities
Samsung SDI - Financial Support 411(Unit: billion won) Financial Support
Samsung SDI - Human Resource Training Support 482(Unit: persons) Human Resource Training Support
Samsung SDI - Continued Expansion 580(Unit: cases) Continued Expansion
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