Samsung SDI



Here's our journey from the very beginning to the leap towards
becoming a global Top Tier company by 2030

History detail page

Present ~ 2014

Heralding a leap to global top in energy and materials

  • 12Receives an honor of $6 Billion Export Tower on the 60th Trade Day
  • 10Signs EV battery supply deal with Hyundai Motor Company
  • 07Signs MOU with Stellantis to build second EV battery plant
  • 04Establishes SDI R&D China
  • Announces a joint venture with General Motors
  • 10Holds a completion ceremony for CAM7, cathode material
    manufacturing facility for JV with EcoPro EM
  • Declares environment-friendly management
  • 08Establishes Samsung SDI R&D America
  • 07Holds a groundbreaking ceremony for construction of Plant 2 in
  • Establishes Samsung SDI R&D Europe in Germany
  • 05Signs JV with Stellantis for manufacturing EV cells and modules
    in North America market
  • 02Starts construction of S Line, solid-state battery pilot line
  • 12Launches Samsung SDI’s official battery brand, ‘PRiMX’
  • 11Cheongju worksite is honored with Presidential Safety Award
  • 10Signs MOU with Stellantis to form joint venture for production
    of battery cells and modules for North America market
  • 03Joins World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for a moratorium on
    deep-sea mining with BMW, Volvo, and Google
  • 12Receives an honor of $3 Billion Export Tower on the 57th
    Trade Day
  • 11Holds a groundbreaking ceremony for EcoPro EM, a cathode
    materials JV
  • 07Celebrates 50th anniversary of Samsung SDI
  • 11Signs a long-term supply contract with BMW to supply
    batteries through 2031
  • 09Signs a contract to supply battery cells and modules to
    Akasol, a European battery system manufacturer
  • 07Signs a strategic partnership agreement with Volvo
    Group for the next generation e-mobility
  • 04Establishes Samsung SDI India
  • 09Mid to Large sized Battery ‘M-Line’ operation
  • 03Obtains ISO45001 Certification for occupational health and
    safety management system
  • 09Samsung SDI is listed on Dow Jones Sustainability World
    Index (DJSI World) in Electronic Equipment, Instrument &
    Component Industry
  • 05Completes construction of a EV battery plant in Hungary
  • 02Completes construction of a polarizing film plant in Wuxi, China
  • 01Signs a strategic partnership agreement with ‘E-Z-GO’, a US golf cart company
  • 12Signs a strategic partnership agreement with Lucid Motors,
    a US electric vehicle startup, for EV battery cell supply
  • 10Initiates mass production of polarizing films in Wuxi, China
  • 09Samsung SDI is listed on Dow Jones Sustainability World
    Index (DJSI World) in Electronic Equipment, Instrument &
    Components Industry
  • 04Signs MOU with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • 03Receives Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    during the 50th Taxpayers' Day
  • 11Supplies cylindrical EV batteries for JAC of China
  • 10Holds a completion ceremony of a EV battery plant in Xi’an, China
  • 07Signs a supply contract with Duke Energy for 36MW ESS project
  • 05Signs MOU for construction of a polarizer plant in Wuxi, China
  • 02Acquires Magna International’s battery pack business
  • 12Establishes Samsung SDI Austria
  • 11Signs an agreement with Sungrow of China to form ESS joint venture
  • 08Holds a groundbreaking ceremony for an EV battery plant in Xian, China
  • 07Merges with CHEIL INDUSTRIES Inc

2013 ~ 2009

Continuing change and challenge as a green energy company

  • 09Listed in DJSI for ten consecutive years
  • 08Cheil Industries’s acquisition of Novaled, a German
    OLED materials supplier
  • 04Electronic Materials Business begins production rollout
    of OLED materials for Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 09Acquires 100% of SBL shares owned by Bosch
  • 09Signs an exclusive supply contract with Nichicon for
    lithium-ion batteries for residential ESS
  • 08Acquires Ace Digitech
  • 12Becomes the No. 1 in the global market share for
    small-sized rechargeable batteries
  • 11Completes construction of xEV's battery plant
  • 10Launches Flexible Display Business Team for the
    government plan of “Global Leading Top 10 WPM
    (World Premier Material)
  • 02Establishes Samsung SDI Vietnam
  • 05Declares a new vision for green energy business
  • 04Samsung SDI’s Li-ion rechargeable cells win Frost &
    Sullivan Award
  • Begins the world’s first production of direct attachment
    ultra-slim PDP (50"FHD, 58"FHD)
  • 03Begins production rollout of 50"FHD UF1A

2008 ~ 1999

Reinventing Samsung SDI as a digital frontier

  • 12Develops large-sized polymer batteries for polymer
    laptop computers
  • 09Founds SB LiMotive Inc.
  • 08Samsung Mobile Display sets sail
  • 03Ranks No.1 in IIT evaluations in Japan
  • 11Develops the world’s largest 31" FHD AMOLED
  • 10Begins production of the world’s first AMOLED
  • 05Develops the world’s first 3D AMOLED, 3.1” WVGA AMOLED
  • 11Develops the world’s first highest energy density fuel cell
    for laptops and PMPs
  • 08Establishes a R&D center for cutting-edge materials in
  • 07Begins production of the world’s first cylindrical 2600mAh
  • 06Develops the 2.0-inch QVGA AMOLED
  • 08Develops prismatic batteries for laptops
  • 07Develops the world’s first 32" Vixlim
  • 05Develops the world’s largest 17" AMOLED
  • 01Develops the world’s largest 80"FHD, 102" FHD
  • 11Becomes the No. 1 in global PDP market share
  • 06Develops the world’s first 260,000 full-color AMOLED
  • 01Develops the world’s highest capacity cylindrical
    2400mAh (for laptops)
  • 06Holds a completion ceremony of Samsung SDI Hungary
  • 10Signs a contract to export battery electrolytes to
    China - 100,00 ton per month
  • 11Obtains ISO 9001 for CMP, EMS, battery materials and
  • 07Holds a completion/roll-out ceremony of a rechargeable
    cell plant in Cheonan
  • 01Establishes IT Materials Division
  • 12Changes the company name to Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
  • 08Develops 1800mAh cylindrical Li-ion battery, the highest
    capacity in the industry
  • 03Completes the development of pilot technologies for
    electrolytes, earns quality approval from Samsung SDI
    and supplies trial products

1998 ~ 1990

Leading the global display market

  • 10Develops and rolls out the world's highest-capacity
    cylindrical Li-ion battery
  • Develops 42" & 50" PDPs
  • 03Develops pure flat picture tube 'Dynaflat'
  • 06Begins the first production rollout of color filters
    in Cheonan plant
  • 08Establishes a subsidiary in Brazil
  • 07Establishes a subsidiary in Tianjin, China
  • 03Holds a completion ceremony of a plant in Mexico
  • 11Establishes a subsidiary in Hong Kong
  • 08Holds a groundbreaking ceremoney of Cheonan Plant
  • 09Establishes a subsidiary in Mexico
  • 08Completes construction of an EMC plant
  • 11Develops Bio-Picture Tube
  • 04Develops Korean VFD
  • 01Establishes a subsidiary in Germany
  • 09Holds a ceremoney of acquisition of CPT business from
    German WF Machineries
  • 04APR Begins CPT production in Malaysia
  • 10Establishes a subsidiary in Malaysia

1989 ~ 1970

Dreaming of localizing electronics materials and writing history of picture tubes

  • 05Develops ultra wide 25" & 29" color picture tube
  • 10Develops the color monitor (VGA)
  • 08Develops the Korea’s first PDP display
  • Installs additional production facilities with capacity
    of 10 million CPT units
  • 10Celebrates reaching the world's first 50 million CRT production
  • 01Launches a new business team for base chemicals
  • 10Develops the Korea’s first liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • 08Succeeds in localizing fluorescent indicator tubes for
    the second time in the world
  • Initiates production of industrial color display tubes (CDT)
  • 12Develops the Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)
  • 04Begins mass production of 14" CPTs
  • 02Changes the company name to Samsung Electron
    Device Inc.
  • 07Develops 12" D-CRT
  • 11Completes construction of a plant in Gumi
    (site area: 254,546m2, building area: 52,893m2)
  • 07Holds a ground breaking ceremony of a color
    picture tube plant in Suwon
  • 06Exports black-and-white picture tubes
  • 01Develops quick-start picture tube (ECONO TV)
  • 07Begins production of vacuum tubes
  • 01Founds Samsung-NEC Inc.