Samsung SDI


Corporate Governance

Sharing values with stakeholders

Samsung SDI shares the economic, environmental, and social values it created with its stakeholders. The company strives to share more values with its stake­holders through the pursuit of balanced growth and stability. Based on such efforts, Samsung SDI is grow­ing together with its stakeholders.


  • Communication Activities
    • Customer visits
    • QBR(Quarterly Business Review) meetings
    • QTR(Quarterly Technical Review) meetings
    • Website
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Bolster our product safety and quality management system from the viewpoint of customers
    • Swiftly provide information across wide-ranging communication channels

Shareholders and investors

  • Communication Activities
    • IR earnings conference calls
    • IR roadshows
    • IR website and company phone number
    • General shareholder meetings
    • IR conferences and year-round meetings
    • Disclosures
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Establish sound governance
    • Disclose information on management status through general shareholder meetings and others


  • Communication Activities
    • Operation of the Works Council
    • Operation of the Counseling Center
    • Management briefings
    • Satisfaction surveys
    • Change Agent
    • SDI Talk
    • Global SDI Pick!
    • Newsletters
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Implement workplace safety management activities
    • Create an advanced corporate culture
    • Support employees with capacity building
    • Operate welfare & benefits programs


  • Communication Activities
    • Operation of the purchasing portal system
    • Exchange meetings with partners
    • SSP (Samsung SDI Partner’s Association)
    • CEO and executives’ visits to partners
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Establish the principles of fair trade
    • Operate the benefit sharing system
    • Introduce win-win consulting
    • Provide technology, personnel and funding support

Communities and civic organizations

  • Communication Activities
    • Operation of community councils
    • CSR activities
    • Sisterhood ties
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Engage employees in CSR programs
    • Operate CSR programs in the areas of environment and education

Industry associations, universities, and research institutes

  • Communication Activities
    • Memberships at associations and societies (Korea Battery Industry Association, etc.)
    • R&D (open innovation)
    • Operation of joint cooperation programs
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Support R&D
    • Expand industry-academia cooperation


  • Communication Activities
    • Participation in government-led projects
    • Operation of joint cooperation programs
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Participate in governmental policies and abide by laws
    • Transparently disclose information
    • Faithfully pay taxes


  • Communication Activities
    • Prompt, transparent, and accurate disclosures
    • Press releases and newsletters on our products, technologies and markets
  • Ways to Increase Value
    • Ensure prompt and transparent communication with the media
    • Disclose accurate and diverse information