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Social Responsibility

Safety Environment Management Policy

Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., a leading company in the fields of eco-friendly and global materials and total energy solutions, recognizes health and safety as a fundamental element of management, ensures a safe and healthy workplace, actively practices global environmental protection, and pursues socially responsible, sustainable management.

  • Site Global Environment Management System

    • The company complies with domestic and overseas laws, regulations, global standards and treaties pertaining to safety, health, environment, and energy, and establishes and faithfully enforces systematic internal standards for sate environment, zero-hazard compliance.
    • In order to understand and practice a safe environment management system, the company educates all its employees and conducts all activities with a sense of responsibility and obligation through communication with stakeholders.
  • Eco-friendly Management Practice

    • The company recognizes the importance of biodiversity preservation throughout its business activities and executes its responsibility in all production processes to minimize harmful environmental consequences throughout all the stages from raw materials, parts, and purchase of packaging materials, to product development, production, logistics, and disposal.
    • The company actively reuses and recycles water and waste and continuously makes its best efforts to reduce use of chemical substances, energy, water resources, and polluting discharge.
    • The company actively makes contributions to overcome the climate change crisis by expanding the use of reusable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing deforestation, and establishing a lawtul carbon ecosystem
  • Realization of Health and Safety-Oriented Corporate Values

    • In order to ensure safe work conditions, the company creates a culture that's puts safety first, operates a prior risk management system for prior issue recognition, and risk factor prevention, realizes serious disaster prevention and an accident-free workplace, and maintains an emergency response system to maintain business continuity.
    • The company creates a pleasant work environment, pursues health enhancement of employees, and strives to the best of its abilities to protect employees and local residents from epidemics and disasters.
  • Green Community-Oriented Public Image Creation

    • The company shares and supports its safe environment-oriented management system with its partners to establish eco-friendly win win partnerships, and makes contributions to local community development through continuous environmental preservation pursuits as a local community member.

April 27, 2022

Yoonho Choi, CEO


Occupational health & safety

Samsung SDI makes ceaseless efforts in putting the safety as our priority and minimizing the environmental impact.
We will continue its endeavor to create safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly working environment as a world-leading company.

Key Performance

Key Performance
Category Unit 2021 2022 2023
Employee incidence rate
[(number of injuries)/
(number of employees) x 100]
% 0.021 0.007 0.016
In-house partners incidence rate
[(number of injuries)/
(number of employees) x 100]
% 0.035 0 0
Improvement tasks identified
through EHS audits
Case count 314 373 2878*

* Conducting focused audits of overseas corporations in 2023

Workplace risk assessment

We perform risk assessment across our domestic and overseas operations as part of our self-initiated preventive system to identify and improve work-related potential hazards and risk factors. On employees’ own initiative, we conduct risk assessments on a periodic basis as well as on an as-needed basis in the event where change in process occurs, so that risks of an accident can be mitigated accordingly.

Bolstering chemical substances management

Our Global Environment, Health & Safety (G-EHS) system, developed to respond to domestic and international regulations on chemical substances, ensures that chemicals are inspected for possible conflict with applicable laws and regulations and are managed for their use at our worksites.
Also, we manage not only legally regulated substances but also any substances harmful to the human body as our internally regulated substances. Such internally regulated substances are graded accordingly and verified for applicable substitution, mitigation plans, and protective measures prior to their.

Employee healthcare

To promote healthcare and disease prevention for our employees, we provide regular health check-ups, work environment measurements, health promotion activities, and workplace hygiene management. To prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders, we conduct regular on-site investigations and surveys on the entire operations. We also change work methods based on additional close examinations and analyses to improve our work environment.

Product Safety

Samsung SDI puts product safety and quality before all else. Under the motto of ‘All for nothing without quality’, we continue to bolster our quality management system along the entire product lifecycle.

Quality Management mission

Creating Value for Customers, Making the World a Better Place Creating Value for Customers, Making the World a Better Place

Code of Conduct

  1. Build Customer’s trust by creating value.

    We enhance our customers’ value by regarding the needs of even our potential customers and actively reflecting them on our products. We maximize the close relationship with our customers based on trust, thanks to our speedy, accurate, and cordial VOC solving.

  2. Place the environment and safety first.

    We never compromise on quality. We comply with international environmental regulations, and in order to place customers’ safety first, we value the awareness and responsibility of Zero Defect.

  3. Implement continuous improvement in quality management system and process.

    Samsung SDI’s quality management policy is in compliance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949. Processes and criteria of the following are clearly defined, strictly followed and continuously improved by stage: development (PLM), production (MES), quality (IQMS, LIMS) systems and 8 main quality processes - development management, reliability, component control, process quality, changing control, abnormal occurrence, outgoing assurance, VOC management.

Quality Management 10 Commandments
All for noting without quality.
  • Safety: Safety always comes first.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Best quality moves the hearts of customers.
  • Rule Compliance: Respect the rules and principles.
  • Product: Neither make nor deliver a defect.
  • Communication: Communication builds on process and data.
  • Supplier: Our journey toward quality begins at suppliers
  • Transparency: Respect the problem once it occurs and ask for cooperation
  • VOC: Be responsive to VOCs and make sure of improvement afterwards.
  • Problem Solving: Refuse to compromise on quality.
  • Radical Cure: For chronic issues, treat the root cause first.