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Electric Vehicles

Batteries as the heart of electric vehicles

As electromotive transportation, electric vehicles have batteries as the only source of energy as well as the main determinant of a driving range, output, and charging speed. Since batteries go into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) along side an internal combustion engine, implementing high capacity and efficiency of a battery in limited space is vital to enhance the driving performance of PHEVs. Samsung SDI leverages its innovative engineering to make high-capacity, energy-dense, and fast-charging batteries for EVs and PHEVs while pioneering automotive battery technology with the lead in developing and mass-producing all solid-state batteries - a force to be reckoned with in the battery industry for their revolutionizing features of higher energy density and safety.


For premium-segment electric vehicles, most advanced battery technology is the prerequisite for delivering their desired performance in terms of a long range, high power and fast charging. Samsung SDI makes it all possible by applying high-capacity materials and high- efficiency design engineering to batteries that warrant the highest level of safety implemented by our unrivaled technology in prismatic and cylindrical batteries .


Samsung SDI also offers a battery solution catered to the need of mass-market electric vehicles, boasting affordable pricing yet reasonably high performance enabled by high-efficiency design engineering. Our price competitiveness derives from the adoption of cobalt-free materials and optimized electrode design.


Samsung SDI is ushering the field of all solid-state battery technology. Boosted by its own 'super-gap' technology, Samsung SDI's anode and solid electrolytes serve to significantly improve energy density and safety in our battery products. In 2023, Samsung SDI completed the world's biggest pilot production line for solid-state batteries, 'S-Line,' and plans to begin the world's first-ever all solid-state battery mass-production in 2027.


A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle houses batteries with internal combustion engine systems and a motor, which limits its space availability. To address this unique setting of PHEVs, Samsung SDI provides an ideal battery solution crafted with high-capacity materials, high- efficiency stacking technology as well as high output technology. That means a PHEV geared with Samsung SDI's solution can store more battery energy in such limited space and have batteries with optimized internal structure while its motor and batteries run at the top level of efficiency.

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