Samsung SDI


Job Fields

Job Fields

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  • R&D

    Ensures Super gap Technological Competitiveness by developing cells, modules, packs, and software for battery business; materials, process, equipment for electronic materials business; and next-generation batteries

  • Technology

    Optimizes equipment, process, and systems in order to facilitate improvement in productivity and quality

  • Quality

    Implements the highest level of quality by managing quality process systems and quality evaluations along with certifications.

  • Safety environment & infrastructure & construction

    Establishes compliance standards, manages utilities and construction projects with the aim of sustainable management.

  • Sales & marketing

    Builds product/market strategies and creates new business opportunities based on in-depth understanding of customers and markets.

  • Business Management

    Provides strategic support to ensure corporate operations such as planning, HR, finances, purchasing, ESG, etc. can achieve business targets across the board.