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Social Responsibility


함께가요 미래로! Enabling People 함께가요 미래로! Enabling People

Samsung SDI’s CSR vision is based on two of the Samsung’s core values: ‘People first’ and ‘Co-prosperity’. Therefore, our CSR goal is support people to achieve their full potential. Samsung SDI will strive to unveil the young people’s full potential who will become the leaders in the future based on our talent training experience. Also, we will provide opportunities to people for those are less privileged by sharing our technology and innovation know-hows.

  • Youngster Education
    • Samsung SW Academy for Youth
    • Samsung Dream Class
    • Stepping Stone of Hope
    • Samsung Blue Elephant
  • Win-Win Partnerships
    • Solving environmental issues
    • Reaching out to the community

Education for the Young

  • Samsung SW Academy for Youth

    Samsung SW Academy for Youth is run in association with the Ministry of Employment and Labor. The program offers a year of theoretical and practical training to help youth foster their capabilities in software technologies and eventually gain employment.

  • Samsung Dream Class

    Dream Class supports middle school students without sufficient and adequate education surroundings. It provides career-path guidance and mentoring programs to help them pursue their aptitudes and dreams in the future global arena of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Samsung Stepping Stone of Hope

    Adolescents who have been protected by state care have to stand on their own feet when they turn 18. Stepping Stone of Hope provides both shelter and tailored education for these young people as they make transition to self-reliance.

  • Samsung Blue Elephant

    Blue Elephant is a cyber-violence prevention program for youth. Counselors visit schools to help students develop prosocial behaviors and skills and offer on-site cyber-violence prevention training.

Co-Prosperity Program

Solving environmental issues

We stand at the forefront of resolving environmental issues for sustainable society and future generations.

Reaching out to the community

We spread the spirit of sharing with donations raised by our employees and their participation in volunteer programs for those who are underprivileged and local children center. Every family holiday season, we set up a special market with local farmers to boost and promote their businesses.