Our Approach

Workplace Health & Safety

Samsung SDI is conducting safety culture evaluations per guidelines under the "A safe environment is the #1 principle of management" guidelines released by SDI’s figurehead, the CEO. In response, the company also established long-term goals for transformation into a global leader of safety culture by 2018. To breed a safety-first management culture and minimize environmental impact, the company is endeavoring to generate a safety culture within domestic and international worksites through cooperation with partner companies.

Key strategies of Samsung SDI
  • Incurring costs and reputational damage in the event of accidents
  • Increased demand for companies to disclose data on safety and environmental activities
  • Strengthened laws and regulations related to safety and environment
  • Minimized damage of human lives and property by preventing accidents
  • Sharing and spreading a culture of safety with employees, suppliers, and local communities
  • Enhancement of corporate values by obtaining various certificates related to safety and environment
Employee injury rate (Number of accidents / Total work hours×1,000,000) 0.47 * Employee injury rate
(Number of accidents / Total work hours×1,000,000)
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