Spin-on Hardmasks

SOH is a membrane applied to the bottom of photoresists, and acts as a barrier in the follow-up etching process. SOH helps the circuit to transfer to the desired membrane, thus increasing the accuracy of micro patterns.

Samsung SDI SOH (Spin – on Hardmasks)

Product Introduction

Samsung SDI SOH Product
High quality membrane produced by spin coating process for micro patterns

SOH is an ancillary material to form micro pattern in semiconductor. It requires high etching-resistance for it fills a gap to flatten the surface. SOH developed by SDI Material division is a material that is used for the new coating method in the patterning process of semiconductor. It forms a thin film not by the existing method of *evaporation but by a new method of spin coating, which increases the accuracy of micro patterns.* evaporation processevaporation is the method of thin-film fabrication. The source metal is heated to a high temperature to make it evaporated. And then the vapor particles travel directly to the target object (substrate) where they condense back to a solid state.

Product Benefits

The existing CVD (Chemical Vapor evaporation) process for forming thin film is insufficient to meet the quality requirement for the micro patterns, but has high investment costs for its equipment. Samsung SDI’s SOH is a key material that enables significant improvement of quality and productivity, as well as cost reduction for equipment investment, for SOH is used for spin-coating process to form membrane.

SOH (Spin-on Hardmasks) Strength
Reliable etching-resistance

Excellent chemical stability

High affinity with the existing process materials

High quality from high purity material

Stability for long-term storage

Ensuring consistent quality for 3 months at room temperature

Excellent quality control
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