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Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies
Tax Management Policy

Compliance with laws and tax reporting/payment obligation Samsung SDI is truthfully and faithfully fulfilling its obligation of tax reporting and payment in countries where Samsung SDI does business. At the same time, Samsung SDI actively deals with changing taxation policies in various countries.
For this, all tax employees of the company perform their work according to Samsung SDI’s legitimate tax strategy.

Tax Risk Assessment

Samsung SDI exerts efforts to minimize tax risks in its every business area. In all areas ranging from the transactions of general goods,
acquisition of shares, advancement into new business, international transactions to changes in transactional structure, the company tries to identify potential and unexpected tax risks and deals with identified risk factors to make improvements in partnership with independent experts, if necessary.

Tax Risk Management

Tax risk management must be disclosed across the company and unified. For prudent tax risk management, Samsung SDI has established single decision-making system, offers compliance education to employees, and operates unified corporate management guidelines. From general expenses to international transactions, the company keeps and manages lawful evidential documents that each country’s taxation authorities may require.
Especially, the company maintains prices of normal range for transactions with the third party and/or persons with special relationship.

Contributions to Community Growth through Tax Management

Through the tax payment that fits the taxation policies of each country, Samsung SDI contributes to the development of local communities where Samsung SDI operates. The company’s corporate tax imposed on the income of the company, VATs on every transaction, and withholding taxes arising from job-creation have positive influence on the growth of local communities.

SAMSUNG SDI - Regional Tax and Dues
SAMSUNG SDI - Regional Tax and Dues
  • * This is the total of consolidated corporate tax expense, tax, and utility expenses.