Cyber Audit

Cyber Audit

Samsung SDI will carry out ethics management based on Samsung Business Principles.

Basic Philosophy

Samsung SDI rigorously implements ethical management by carrying out [Samsung Business Principles] based on the trinity values shared by Samsung.
Samsung Management Principles enacted based on Samsung Constitution, Management Philosophy and Core Values presents concrete guidelines on managerial activities and code of conducts for employees to engage in corporate social responsibilities on the basis of the basic ideology of 'Compliance with Laws and Ethics', 'Clean Organization Culture', Respect for Environment, Safety and Health', 'Implementation of CSR'.

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  • Management Philosophy
  • Core Values
  • Business Principles
  • samsung SDI
  • Management Philosophy Reason d'être of Samsung Ultimate goal and direction
    • We create world class products and services through talents and technologies, thereby contributing to human society.
  • Core Values Permanent and intrinsic belief identity, value criterion, future orientation
    • People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, Co-prosperity
  • Business Principles Internal and external promise on basic principles of managerial activities and corporate social responsibilities
    • Principle 1.
      We comply with laws and ethical standards
    • Principle 2.
      We maintain a clean organizational culture
    • Principle 3.
      We respect customers, shareholders and employees
    • Principle 4.
      We care for the environment, health and safety
    • Principle 5.
      We are a socially responsible corporate citizen

Implementation of Business Principles

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