BMW Motorsport in DTM racing - Samsung SDI supports as a premium sponsor

What comes to your mind when you think of motor sports? You might imagine incredibly speedy cars on a circuit with its thundering sound of engine. Such excitement appears to attract people to the motor sports. There are various kinds of car racing. We may be familiar with F1 (Formula 1) racing which is known as one of world's three major sports including the World Cup and the Olympics. But here we will learn more about DTM racing which is a touring car (mass-production type car) racing, instead of F1.

F1 machine, an integration of car technologies VS touring car, just a modification of mass-produced model

To briefly compare F1 car with DTM racing car, F1 car is a racing machine just for speed, with its wheels outside the body and without a cover over the driver's seat. On the other hand, touring car used in DTM racing is just a modification of a general mass-produced car that we ordinarily drive



History of the DTM, German Touring Car Masters

DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters or German Touring Car Masters), begun in 1984, has been 31 years old this year. It is one of the top three major touring car racing including BCTT (British Touring Car Championship) and Japan's GT (Grand Tourer)

Eligible sort of cars are mass-produced cars with more than 10,000 annual sales. Three major German carmakers, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz fiercely contend for championship of the season. Each race of DTM attracts great attention of European, and more than 70,000 people are gathering to watch the races. This year, nine races are scheduled to be held in Germany, Austria and Russia, from the opening race in May to the final race in October.


Why Samsung SDI an official premium partner of BMW Motorsport in DTM?


Samsung SDI came to be an official premium partner supporting the BMW Motorsport. Maxime Martin, a driver of BMW Team RMG, ran a race with BMW M4 painted with the Samsung SDI's logo.
Samsung SDI is now exclusively providing batteries to BMW for its EV car i3 and PHEV car i8. We are maintaining friendly relationship with BMW through this official support at DTM, and we are also planning to strengthen the mid-long term strategical partnership


In addition, we will make efforts to improve our brand awareness. Since we already possess world-level technology in the field of electric car battery, we also need to strengthen our marketing competitiveness.

We hope to see more racing cars on the circuits running with Samsung SDI logo printed on them.